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Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
committed to division one schools. >> casey waters is headed to cal. then this player is headed to duke. and one to san diego state and last but not least, brianna brown headed to virginia tech. >> for waters, staying close to home by choosing cal is the perfect situation. >> there is nothing like being on the west coast. and everything i get from being up here. where they're going, i know they're hungry and that fits me personally. i'm always excited and hungry for the next thing. >> and for cheatham, she was part of the team won goal at the fbia world championships in august and was ranked as one of the top ten. it has been quite the journey since her freshman year. >> freshman year i was still learning the game. it was a work in progress. seeing the seniors in the past, you know, seeing what they've done. remembering their moments. i want to create a moment and i want to be remembered in this program. >> now for the team it is about taking the recognition being considered the nation's best and using it as further motivation. >> we have a road to travel. if we were small, it woul
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
wind can cause problems throughout the bay area. on highway 17 the rain made driving treacherous. cal tranand the chp were out in full force. the weather made things difficult at the airport. >> possibly the delays, cancellations and the domino effect in the next 48 hours. >> reporter: today passengers here at sfo experienced delays ranging from 50 minutes to 90 minutes. if the wind direction persists we may see the same type of delays tomorrow. if your flight was delayed today at sfo you can blame the weather specifically the wind. >> with reduced visibility and the change in the run way configuration it reduzs the ability to bring in aircraft. at the busiest time today we like to bring in 60 aircraft in an hour. with these weather events we can only bring about half that. >> reporter: delays of 60 to 90 minutes or cancellations. some airlines opted to cancel trips to places like san diego and los angeles and put passengers on other scheduled flights to the same destination. this couple's flight home to houston was delayed two hours. >> we are taking it in stride. a couple of extra h
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
birds including the great blue heron. cal took photos and enjoyed the solitude on the bike path, a nice break from the storm's impact on his home. >> we live if campbell and we've had quite a bit of water on the property and trees coming down. not coming down. branches banging against the house, that kind of stuff. >> reporter: a reminder to prepare now while you are have a chance so you don't need emergency assistance this weekend. >> now let's check in with sheryl herd with the situation in the north bay. sheryl in. >> reporter: the north bay still has a lot ofoutages, but, wow, what a difference an hour makes. at 5:00, i was standing here, there was no rain. now it's starting to rain pretty hard and it's really windy. i talked to a pg&e worker earlier today and he says he's not getting a lot of sleep because this storm is pretty bad. heavy rain and wind brought people like steve sergeant to the hardware store in mill valley today. >> it's scary because we're way up on the hillside. there's been floods and slides. it gets pretty bad. >> reporter: bad is how it started out for com
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3